Economic and Environmental Sustainability for Generations

A Regenerative Farm With Environmental Goals

The mission statement at Greener Pastures Ranching is "Economic and Environmental Sustainability for Generations". We believe that for a business to be financially sustainable, it also needs to be environmentally sustainable. All of our business practices are built with this mission statement in mind.

Greener Pastures Ranching is a diverse farm run by Steve Kenyon. The main operation (or profit center as we like to call it) on our ranch is custom grazing throughout the summer. We run a flexible number of custom cattle on leased land using intensive rotational grazing management. Through rotational grazing we improve the biodiversity in our pastures, improve the soil life, improve the carbon carrying capacity of our grasslands and we improve our wetlands. 

Not only do we rotate our cattle, but we have also taken the same grazing principles that we use to move these larger animals and applied them to pigs. By rotating animals out on pasture not only are we improving the land itself, but we are also raising the animals in a healthy and natural way. A way that helps to negate the need for a lot of chemicals, producing high quality meat products that are higher in omega 3's, trace vitamins and nutrients than conventionally raised products. Our pigs are also supplemented with an organic oats, peas and barley mixture that is grown together by one of our local neighbours. Additionally we give them garlic, apple cider vinegar and pumpkin to help fight internal parasites and boost the animals immune systems. To ensure that we carry the principles that we've raised the animals with right to the packaged, finished product; we also have the majority of our processing done without the use of synthetic nitrates or gluten.

Our passion for the land and the animals that depend on it for their survival has taken us to teaching about our ranch and practices. Through writing articles in The Stockman Grass Farmer, as well as speaking engagements across North America, schools and seminars we seek to help other farmers enhance their current farm businesses and encourage people that may be looking into farming as both a career and way of life.


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